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Welcome to Grassroots Hobby Farm! We call ourselves Grassroots both because everything we raise follows a rotational grazing pattern and as a nod to the grassroots type movement that is spreading this type of human and environmentally healing practice across the country. We call ourselves a hobby farm because our primary aim is to feed our own growing family the best food possible. As the farm has grown we began selling our extras to family and friends. In November of 2018, we officially registered as Grassroots Hobby Farm LLC. We are now open to the public for business. Our goal is to provide excellent quality food for our own family and in the process, we want to bless as many other families as possible with our abundance. While our availability is sporadic, our quality is top notch and our prices are the lowest in the area. [UPDATE May 2019] Unfortunately we've had to scale back significantly this year. We are only offering registered American Guinea Hogs (breeders and feeders) and ready to lay chickens.

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