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Welcome to the pasture of Braley Brangus. We have grass fed beef!!! Our beef animals are raised on grass and hay throughout their lives. We provide a protein source of all natural molasses tubs and/or cottonseed or peanut meal and salt. This constitutes approximately 1% of their diet, and allows us to feed less harvested forage to the cattle. Our free range laying hens are raised on all the grass they could eat with free choice all natural, non soy, non GMO feed. We use the whey from organic yogurt to increase the probiotics in our young chicks. They are then moved to our juvenile pen which is close to the house with full access to the yard and pasture 24/7. Once laying, the hens are moved to the egg wagon which is moved around the pasture for fresh natural food. They have free access to all the local, non soy, non GMO grain they can eat. Pricing Free Range non-GMO eggs - $4/dozen Steaks New York Strip $13/pound T-bone $12/pound Top Sirloin $11/pound Chopped Sirloin Steak $10/pound Flank Steak $10/pound Cube Steak � 4 pack $6/pound Skirt Steak $7/pound Roasts Top Sirloin Roast $8/pound Round Roast $7/pound Bottom Roast $7/pound Shoulder Roast $7/pound Chuck Roast $7/pound Ground beef Lean Ground Beef $7/pound 85/15 Ground Beef $6/pound Other Stew Meat $7/pound OxTail $6/pound Sold Out Ribs $4/pound Beef Tongue $4/pound Sold Out Kidney $4/pound Sold Out Heart $4/pound Liver $4/pound

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