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We direct market lamb and Registered Katahdin Sheep. We feel that raising animals in a natural way is healthier for them, and healthier for us. Our pasture raised sheep are rotationally grazed to minimize damage to the land, and maximize nutritious forage for the sheep. Rotational grazing allows the grass to re-grow and maintain plant vigor before the sheep graze it again. Other farm animal residents: We do have chickens, but at the moment we are not managing them for meat or eggs. They are part of our natural pest control. The chickens roam at will about our farm, but if you pay attention, you will notice that they follow our dairy heifer. Yes, we have a dairy heifer too. We also strongly believe that proper farming practices encourage wildlife and sustainable habitats. We have 3 streams on our farm, all of which have a minimum 50 foot buffer (fences prevent our livestock from entering this area) in which we encourage native grasses, shrubs and trees. We are acutely aware of grassland nesting birds and manage our pastures to ensure they are able to successfully fledge before we mow. Lastly, we live in an area that has healthy populations of bears and coyotes, but we don't worry. Our woven wire fence and livestock guard dogs have so far allowed peaceful co-existence.

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