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The Moser family immigrated from the Alps of Switzerland to the Pacific North Western United States in the mid-1800. Douglas Moser is the 4th generation to till the fertile valleys of the Pacific Northwest's Palouse region. A HISTORY OF QUALITY, A VISION OF INNOVATION * The Mosers were among the first producers in the United States to grow garbanzo beans, at one time in the early 1980's, producing over half of all US production. Having developed both machinery and methods the Mosers helped the garbanzo industry flourish to produce now well over 100,000 domestic acres. But always striving to help the farm-world, the family developed a method by which to harvest and deliver a Fresh-Picked Green Garbanzo�?�®. * Although a challenging endeavor, the Moser family carried its dream to a reality in the summer of 2003. Invented, patented, and cultivated by the family, this superior legume is unique in appearance, flavor, and nutritional value, providing consumers with a naturally healthy and high-fiber alternative. With the environment and the customer always coming first, the company has a goal to aspire & produce the safest food possible, by using natural, earth-friendly and environmentally sustainable methods. A HISTORY OF THE GARBANZO BEAN * The dried garbanzo bean or chickpea (as it's commonly known) has been cultivated for over 10,000 years; making it among the first flora in the world. * It was written about in the civilization of Babylon and Jericho dating back as far as 7,900 B.C. * The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and even the Roman Empire grew garbanzos which provided these early cultures a popular staple. * Today modern production encompasses over 70 million acres worldwide, with only about 100,000�?�± grown in the United States. COMPANY PRACTICES The Moser Family strives for excellence in both product and practice. They are advocates for a safe food supply and are working diligently to accomplish this by reducing pesticide & insecticide usage while growing food products that naturally don't these require harmful agricultural chemicals. (Such as the Fresh-Picked Green Garbanzo�?�®). They have been devoted to nurturing the land and are committed to recover that which has been compromised by petroleum-based fertilizers and chemical products commonly used in commercial-production agriculture. With its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and by naturally returning green organic matter and carbon back into the soils, the green garbanzo gives agriculturists an opportunity to make a difference leaving the world a better place for future generations. As a company: ** They make every effort toward sensible, safe, and sound food production preeminent means for the betterment of all mankind. ** They are advocates for reducing chemical dependency and maintain that organic food is a hedge toward the safe-side of food production and water supplies. Until they achieve organic certification, they implement strict limitations for all pesticides and a zero tolerance for insecticide usage. With over 30+ years of accumulated experience, the Doug Moser family has never once used harmful insecticides or fungicides in his production of garbanzos. ** They are true pioneers. The family is committed to finding a harmonious balance for safe food and an ample food supply with an uncontaminated compassionate approach. ** An Idaho-based farm, the company began garbanzo bean production in 1978. ** Moser is the original United States producer of this innovative and proprietary new food product. ** Its company mission statement is to produce safe food using natural, earth-friendly, and environmentally sustainable methods. Through 2010 the company has been granted numerous patents and trademarks from the US Patent and trademark office for the technology, novelty, and innovation for Fresh-Picked Green Garbanzo�?�® Beans.

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