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Check us out to buy: - Microgreens - Duck Eggs - Chicken Eggs - Quail Eggs - Montgomery Farm Raw Goat Milk (Pre-Orders) - Dunks Mushrooms - Blackwater Craft Mustards - Wicked Good Garlic Products by Farmer Palmer - London Buzz Bees Local Honey - Journey's End Maple Farm Syrup and Maple Products Dowie Farm is a micro-farm located in Derry New Hampshire, owned and operated by Jon Dowie and Jenny Noviello. We believe strongly in sustainable practices. We employ regenerative and sustainable practices wherever possible. We simply believe in care for the land, care for each other, and a return of surplus to the land and environment. We love developing strong local business relationships to bolster the local economy and build strong communities! MICROGREENS: We offer responsibly produced freshly cut microgreens for direct sale to consumers and delivery direct to restaurants. All of our left over microgreens and by-products (used soil and root mats) are fed to our duck, chicken, and quail flocks. DUCK EGGS: Duck Eggs have been our mainstay since 2010. We currently offer Soy Free Duck Eggs from May through October. Duck Eggs are essentially a superior egg to chicken eggs with nearly double the nutrition by the gram. QUAIL EGGS: Our Quail live as much of a free range life as Coturnix Quail can live. Unlike most quail operations, we do not use small cages for our quail. We house our quail in an apiary style dome, and they are allowed free access to the ground. They spend their days taking long dust baths, foraging through harvested microgreen leftovers, and of course laying nutritious quail eggs. Quail eggs are great for you, and delicious! Our quail eggs are available most of the year! OTHER LOCAL PRODUCTS: We also sell several other local farm products via our Farm Store or Home Delivery.

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