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We raise pork, chickens and turkeys for pets and freezer. We raise a small flock of laying hens and have eggs available weekly. Place chicken, turkey or pork orders in the spring (March-April-May) and pork is available in Oct/Nov. Chickens available in July/August. Turkeys (Hertigage breed) available for Thanksgiving/Christmas. Deposits required at time of ordering. Chicken: $2.50/lb averages 4-6/lbs sold (whole bird) in lots of 5. 1/2 down deposit upon ordering, 1/2 balance upon pickup. Fresh Chicken will be ready in July/August. Reserve yours today! Pork: $3.00/lb sold by the 1/2 or whole. Average 70-80lbs 1/2, 150-170lbs whole. $100.00 deposit for half, $200.00 deposit whole. Balance due upon pickup. Turkey: $3.00/lb Hens 15-18, Toms 18-25. 1/2 down deposit upon order, balance upon pickup. Available in Novemeber/December for Thanksgiving/Christmas! Reserve yours today!

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