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Blue Whistler Farm is set up to help people engage and appreciate the holistic cycle that supports the food that we eat. With the larger animals mowing, the smaller animals scratching and spreading, and the meat and dairy they provide in the end, you will find a cycle and purpose behind every animal�s created nature. On the farm we are growing vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, and honey to provide a rich diet for our family and our community. From that harvest, we also choose to provide a limited supply to the public for their benefit and to contribute to the sustainability of the farm. You will see lots of animals on this farm and many more on our partnering farm, The Hundred Acre Wood Farm, with our friend and neighbor Jim located 5 miles up the road. Together with his help we are able to bring a variety of meats to the community- Grass-fed Lamb, Grass-fed Beef, Grass-fed Goat, Pasture-Finished Rabbit, Pastured Poultry, Pastured Eggs, Pastured Turkey, and Pastured Pork and Raw Honey! Our meats are flavorful, healthy, and nutrient-dense, which is a standard that is met by managing and caring for our animals from the very beginning of their lives all the way to harvest. The intentionality and design that goes into each component of the animals life all contribute to not just a happy animal, but a thriving animal. Our animals live in the kinds of environments that they were created to live in without receiving any additives, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Our Chickens wake up to fields filled with sunshine, fresh green grass, and bugs. We only feed grass and hay to our Cattle, Goats and Sheep, and do not add any grain, soy, or corn to their diets. Our Rabbits are finished on grass to create a beautifully dressed, healthy zero cholesterol meat. Our Pigs have a rich environment filled with tall grass, deep wallows, thick woods, and plenty of room to run and root around. Our egg layers roam the fields all day chasing bugs, scratching around, and taking dust baths in the sun. We want you to be connected to your food, to see how it is raised, to know why it's raised this way, and to taste the difference! We want farms to become a part of a communitys life and we want you to take part! We will be having many Agritourism events in 2015, including farm tours, farm to table dinners, foodie documentaries on the lawn, spring and fall festivals, and much much more! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram! Search Blue Whistler Farm. To get connected please click the "Email Us" button on our profile.

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