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We currently have a total of 23 acres being used for a fish pond, bee apiary and several garden sites. Much of the property remains wooded and wild to support the local animal life and plants. As our garden and apiary has grown, we decided to focus on increasing the number of hives and wildflower honey sales. Frome the bees we are just selling honey and honey comb. We hope to later on offer other products of the bees. BeeHaven Apiary is a small, family owned honey company dedicated to helping bees bring about the finest honey available. Every extraction of our Wildflower Honey is unique in color and flavor. No two harvests are ever the same. Each frame of honey is specifically chosen to create a uniquely distinctive flavor that we hope will be very pleasing to your pallet. All honey from our Apiary is organically produced, unheated and totally unprocessed. And if you enjoy eating honeycomb, you'll agree there is nothing like eating honey right out of the comb! At this time, all of our honey is bottled and sold as local wildflower honey. Bees throughout the seasons create uniquely different honey every time a flower bloom takes place.

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