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We lovingly & compassionately raise Grass Fed Registered Icelandic Sheep, Free Range / Pastured Heritage Breed Chickens for eggs & meat, dance harmoniously with honey bees, nurture herbs & plants for medicine & food, intending & working toward balance & harmony with community & land. All of our practices are organically based. We use no chemicals on the land or our animals unless to save a life. We practice preventative natural care and maintenance with animals and land utilizing herbs, homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements and conscious, sustainable land management. Icelandic sheep are known as a triple purpose breed for their high quality fiber, milk and meat. Our sheep are of high quality bloodlines and we have an eye toward furthering the best traits in our sheep for breedstock, fiber, meat, and milk. We are committed to selling only the best breedstock (ewes and rams we would breed ourselves). Icelandic lamb is considered Gourmet Lamb with a finer grain and milder flavor than conventional North American breeds. We are a new farm bringing products online as they become available. Currently we sell eggs from free range / pastured, organically fed, heritage breed chickens. We will have free range / pastured, organically fed heritage breed broiler chickens available late summer. Lambs and/or mature breedstock will be available beginning in late August. Wool and pelts will be available between October and December along with lamb. We also have seasonal hand blended teas from wildcrafted herbs (here on our farm), herbal extracts, herbal salves, and flower essences. Please contact us for more information and to check on availability. We love to have visitors check out our farm, meet our animals and see what we do here!

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