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Eutopos Farm and Gardens rests on the slopes above Fisherman Harbor in quiet Coyle, Washington. On lucky 7/7/07 we saved these beautiful 40 acres from development, preserving a complex wildlife habitat hosting deer, osprey, great blue heron, black bear, fox, coyote; Lake Napen is home to cedar waxwings, ducks, geese, swifts, dragonflies, and the loudest froggy chorus ever. To our delight we found an embarrassment of huckleberry riches throughout the woodlands. We pick and sort each berry by hand for a premium grade of intense flavor, keeping the huckleberry tradition alive. The Eaton family harvested from these same bushes in the early 1900's to sell in neighboring Quilcene. Being in the middle of Hood Canal, views of The Brothers peaks, Mount Constance and Mount Jupiter astound. The sky beckons to be watched at sunset. Visit our website or facebook page for a photo tour, or better yet, call us to schedule an appointment to visit Eutopos Farm and Gardens for yourself. We welcome you, Thane and Karen

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