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Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and encircled by glacier-fed rivers, four generations of our family raise the world's most nutritious hulless barley to bring your family the freshest, most wholesome food possible. Under Alaska's midnight sun, our barley grows so quickly, you can almost watch it. Pure air, clean water, and long summer days pack our grain with nutrition and antioxidants. Our secluded, high latitude location and careful attention to the crops help us bring you food that tastes as good as it is good for you. We use the most advanced farming equipment and techniques on our conservation award-winning farm to increase our farm's sustainability. Our zero-tillage planting protects the delicate topsoil, keeps carbon in the soil, not in the atmosphere, and saves water. Low in gluten and high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, our hulless barley is a nutritional powerhouse that is good for your heart and helps prevent diabetes. Add to that the fact that our barley is low in fat and has no cholesterol, and you have a super-food that will fuel your body for hours naturally, with no crash afterward. We stone grind our grain keeping all the nutrition in. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away. You get 100% whole-grain goodness in every package. We offer whole grain barley flour and Cream of Barley Breakfast Cereal to start the day of right.

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