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On our small family farm, we support a small number of honeybee colonies and a flock of almost 35 Ameracauna or multi-colored egg laying hens. Our goal is to support these animals in fulfilling their natural functions without the aid of chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics. Our hens live in portable coops so they can be moved to different grazing areas so they always have a fresh supply of grass, wildflowers, worms and other bugs on which to graze. The hens diet is supplemented with fresh water and all grain feed (no meat byproducts). They fly in and out of their fenced yard at will, free-ranging themselves throughout the day - each night they return to their coop for sleep after a busy day. An electric fence outlines the yard immediate to their coop to protect the hens from local predators (foxes, coyotes, dogs, etc.). BuddhaBee hens produce beautiful eggs that are sage green, robin's egg blue, pinkish-tan, olive green, and light tan in color. BuddhaBee honeybees live in a secluded spot on our farm. We typically support 2 to 10 colonies that produce honey which is available for sale seasonally. Influences like excessively dry or excessively wet weather greatly affects the amount of honey our honeybees are able to produce. Because non-chemical methods are preferred with our honeybees, mortality is sometimes high due to pests and ailments; we work toward raising & supporting 'survivor' colonies that can naturally withstand the pests and ailments that are always waiting to attack the bee's health. We have, however, treated the honeybees two times in the past 10 years to save them from a toxic disease. BuddhaBee's honeybees feast on Tulip Poplar blooms and woodland wildflowers. The flavor of Tulip Poplar honey is distinct, somewhat tangy (not hot) but very flavorful - it's delicious! Mail order and gift packaging is available. 2012 Spring honey is generally available in July or August of each year. Some years, depending upon the weather, honey is also produced in the Fall. It goes quickly! Eggs are available most days. We also pre-sell our eggs for customers who want to purchase the same number of dozen on a regular basis. See our website for more information. Please call to inquire about availability of our BuddhaBee products. We use no hired helpers so if you call and there is no answer, please leave your name, a brief message and your telephone number. We also respond to email requests promptly.

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