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AZ Farm started as an operation managed by sisters, who are 5th generation farmers, Alexis and Ariel Zimmerlein in March 2015. In 2017, Alexis is currently pursuing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine full-time and ended her involvement with the farm to pursue her passion in August 2016. The farm is currently managed by Ariel. Ariel has her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Plant and Soil Science from SIUC. Ariel has been working in sustainable agriculture for the last 5.5 years starting her passion with SIUC's Sustainable Vegetable Farm. Her main passions are community empowerment through health and education, nutrition, and advocacy of local foods and sustainable agriculture practices. One quarter of an acre of AZ Farm is grown on part of their grandfather's land in La Moille, IL. He has been an avid organic grower for over 30 years.The other quarter of an acre is in Marseilles where Ariel currently resides with her partner, Eric. AZ Farm grows vegetables, fruits, and herbs and uses sustainable farming practices. The farm uses crop rotations, cover crops, and companion planting to increase soil fertility, to attract beneficial insects, and reduce disease. AZ Farm does not use chemicals of any kind and rely solely on nature. The farm in the past has done markets in Spring Valley and Mendota. With all the wonderful changes in 2017, the farm currently only does a CSA in La Salle and goes to the Ottawa Town Market with the focus on nutrition education. Along with the farm, Ariel offers nutrition consulting for those who wish to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through whole, plant-based foods.

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