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At AZreishi we use only the highest quality ingredients to grow our mushrooms, including organic rye berries, pure oak saw dust pellets with no added oils, organic grain hulls, and purified water. You can find our products online at, or at the newly re-opened farm store at Blue Sky Organic Farms. A unique Reishi culture is featured in both our teas and tinctures that we cloned from Fossil Creek, near Camp Verde, Arizona. This heirloom culture forms the highly regarded, and uncommon, Hokkaido antlers that have spiritual significance in Taoist traditions. We also create art sculptures showcasing the beautiful, natural antler formations in custom shadow boxes in the shape of square, rectangle, or hexagon. We do not use any coatings on the Reishi antlers, they are known as The Lacquered Polypore for their naturally varnished surface that glistens even after fully dried! Other nicknames for Reishi include Mushroom of Immortality and King of Mushrooms due to their medicinal use for thousands of years and the wide spectrum of benefits they offer, including: - Enhanced immune system - Stress and anxiety relief - Cardiovascular support - Reduced inflammation - Improved sleep and dream recall - Lessened fatigue We started AZreishi with the dream of one day using our Fossil Creek Reishi in a soil restoration project to help heal the vital natural places in Arizona that we love. We also know Reishi is a very potent medicinal mushroom and want to share its healing potential with others.

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