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We are a small family farm just outside of Wilmington, NC raising A2/A2 dairy cows, heritage breed pigs, and chickens. Our cows, both Jersey and Guernsey, enjoy pasture grazing and free choice hay and minerals throughout the day with a small amount NON-GMO, soy free grain at milking time just to keep up with body condition. No animal bi-product feed, no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics. In accordance to NC state law, our milk is labeled for animal consumption only. We maintain the same stringent standards of care with our milk for pet consumption as we do with the milk that we personally drink so can rest assured your pet is getting the safest, cleanest milk possible. We also conduct monthly milk testing to ensure that our milk is free of bacteria. Raw cow milk is $6 / half gallon. Please email to set up a farm visit. NOW AVAILABLE!! Ground raised hertitage pork! Our pigs are raised on a wooded lot getting all the fresh air and sunshine they like! Their feed consists of a non gmo, soy free blend that we source from a local mill along with all the organic produce we can find! Email for a price list and availability!

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