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Cross Country Nurseries is a small, family owned and operated farm located 3.5 miles north of Rosemont NJ. We offer Live Plants in the spring, available by mailorder or at our nursery. Choose from: 500 Varieties of Chile & Sweet Pepper Plants 180+ varieties of Tomato Plants 60+ varieties of Eggplant Plants 100+ varieties of Basil Plants 12+ varieties of Tomatillo Plants 10+ varieties of Cilantro Plants All plants are non-certified organic, raised on fish emulsion and seaweed, with beneficial insects used for pest control. Ordering starts Jan 1st. Shipping begins early April until mid-June. The nursery is open for visitors from mid April to May 31st. Weekdays 9-5, Sat & Sun 10-5. Our Hot Shop carries organic fertilizers, books, posters and all things spicy... Bhut Jolokia Brownies, Habanero Chocolates, Jalapeno Chocolates, Hot Sauces, Hot pepper Jellies, Powders & Rubs, Chile Pepper Jewelry and more! We also offer 20 varieties of Fresh Chiles in Sept to early Oct, via mailorder only.

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