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Dark Ridge Farms is the brainchild of a small family wishing to be the change they see in the world. With GMO crops on the rise, our goal is to steer away from them completely and go beyond organic with our farming; since organic crops can still be sprayed with pesticides. That being said, we a beyond organic farm plan on using truly organic methods such as diatomaceous earth, garlic oil, vinegar, crop rotation, beneficial insect incorporation, and pest-preventing plants. While our farm is still in its seedling phase, we plan on growing quite a bit within the next few years. In the future we plan on growing and selling a large variety of organic crops as well as pastured meats (i.e. chicken, lamb, pork, and possibly beef). Once established we will also have a pick-your-own lot and a pick-your-own pumpkin patch; free farm training will also follow close behind. We plan on becoming members of the local farmers markets as well, so stay tuned! We look forward to working with and providing food for local families, and hope to one day be a safe haven for all foods organic and wholesome.

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