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Welcome to BelleWood Acres and Distilling, our farm, store and distillery. We are home to 22,000 apple trees nestled in the shadow of Mount Baker in the Northwest corner of Washington State. Whatcom County is blessed with rich fertile soils, a cool climate, and beauty as far as the eye can see. The perfect growing climate and the perfect visiting climate! The first trees at BelleWood Acres were planted in the spring of 1996. The designing and planting were much a family effort. We, John and Dorie Belisle, with family help, designed and planted the orchard. Our goal is to grow the best apples in Whatcom County and use them in a variety of fun and delicious products. We invite you to come out and see the farm. You will learn how we grow our fruit, pack it, store it, juice it and distill it! We also grow pears, pumpkins, decorative gourds and corns, and much more. Fall is bountiful at BelleWood Acres but we are open year round and invite you to celebrate all of the seasons with us! We grow 20 apple varieties to delight the most discerning palates. From the early varieties, to the last ones picked, we harvest at the peak of flavor. Come and taste the difference freshness makes at our apple tasting bar and farm store. Our spirits are hand crafted in small batches from the finest farm products Washington has to offer. From the orchard at BelleWood, to locally grown berries from our neighbors, to the fine grains of Washington, premium quality products in our stills means premium quality in your glass. Opened in 2012, our farm now features a viewing area, tasting room and distillery tours creating the ultimate farm to glass experience. Our all new BelleWood Bistro features light breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that include homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, delicious treats, apple cider donuts, fruit/cheese plates, espresso and ciders on tap. Take a Farm or Distillery Tour. Be our guest, walk our farm, explore the packing line, juice line, cooler and distillery. Golf carts provided for short tours. We are a working farm. We love to share our lives with you. No fluff . . . just farm.

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