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Earthstead Farms is a small local farm in Ben Wheeler, TX currently producing poultry products. We sell pastured whole chicken, eggs, and turkeys seasonally. All our animals are fed Texas Natural Soy and GMO free feeds which are also not medicated. Come visit with us at the Lindale, TX farmers Market this year! We just moved the farm last year (a monumental task), and we are busy ramping up production and expanding our operation. We are working towards a farm stand in the near term, and a 1.5 acre market garden over the next 2 years. We are also building out the infrastructure to raise pigs and sheep over the next few years. We strive to provide the most natural environment possible that allows each animal to express it's unique characteristics. Our Texas Natural Feeds cost between 44 and 56 cents a pound, which is more than double the price of toxic laden low end feeds. (pilgrim's is paying about 8-cents a pound) We opt for a more preventive and homeopathic approach by providing clean food and water and moving our shelters to clean ground daily. We run an open farm and if you would like to come out and see the operation, come on by or call to make sure we are available. Our goal is to provide our family and yours with healthy high quality foods for customers who share our values.

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