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BONA FIDE Worm Castings are produced by European Night Crawler earthworms as the result consuming and digesting hand gathered horse manure and purchased peat moss. Following my retirement as a Georgia educator, I began growing European Night Crawlers as a hobby. Our adopted retired racehorses provided a continuing supply of manure. The worms performed splendidly in their bedding of manure and peat moss, growing, reproducing, and leaving behind rich deposits of castings. Local bait dealers became aware of my worms and asked that I provide a supply. Therefore, I incorporated an acre of our 93- acre farm into a worm farm. As the worm population increased, so did the quantity of worm castings After applying the castings to my vegetable garden, outdoor and houseplants, a significant improvement in their performance and appearance became obvious. This observation supported my research regarding the value of worm castings as a soil amendment. The benefits of using castings are that they are environmentally safe for plants, animals and humans, they are beneficial in retaining moisture, they repel pests that feed on plant juices, they are practical for indoor as well as outdoor use as they are naturally odor free, and they provide a slow releasing valuable soil amendment. BONA FIDE Worm Castings with suggested application rates available in: 1. Bulk Form (unscreened) 1 Cubic Yard, approximately 1 ton. Price $150.00. 2. *Screened �¯�¿�½?�?�¢ï¿½?�¯ï¿½?�¿ï¿½?�½?�?�¯ï¿½?�¿ï¿½?�½? 1 and 2 gallon sealed bags, approximately 5 pounds per gallon. Price $.75 per pound. 3. *Screened bulk �¯�¿�½?�?�¢ï¿½?�¯ï¿½?�¿ï¿½?�½?�?�¯ï¿½?�¿ï¿½?�½? Customer provides container. Price $.50 per pound. *Hand-screened through one-eighth-inch screen. No debris remaining. These castings have the appearance and consistency of coffee grounds. Perfect for in-door and porch plant use. My farm is located between Cairo and Moultrie, Georgia. I welcome your inquires and visits!

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