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Our hens are laying like crazy and farm fresh eggs are available. If you have been wanting to try some farm fresh eggs, now is the perfect time! Beech Tree Ranch is pleased to offer its friends the opportunity to buy a half hog or whole hog for delivery around September 2011. The pork from your hog will be processed and packed by a local butcher who has been in the business for over 50 years. It will be custom cut to your specifications, if you wish, or you can leave it to us to specify a standard set of cuts. We can also help you arrange to have some of the cuts locally smoked. This is a cost-effective way to pack your freezer for the fall and winter with fresh, carefully fed, lovingly raised, locally grown and processed pork. Our current drift of hogs is 10 weeks old. Our hogs are raised in a large, clean, well-maintained sty on our 10-acre farm. They are fed copious amounts of fresh vegetables, unlimited grain on demand, and fresh milk, with fresh water always available from a spring-fed well near the sty. They are six-seven months old when they go to slaughter. This is a once-per-year offering with a limited supply. We expect that the hogs will be ready for processing in late September. Prices include custom-cut processing and wrapping for storage. You may either collect your pork directly from the butcher or ask us to deliver it to your home. Please visit for more information and prices. Act now ! Shares going fast ! We would love for you to come take a farm tour and see our beautiful ranch and our wonderful animals. Since we don't have set hours, please call first and we will make it happen. At this time we are not offering Dairy products but please check back.

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