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I started raising Alpacas in 2005, sort of jumped in with both feet and never looked back. I started with a small herd of 4 and now have 19 Alpacas. I love them all and hope to eventually be able to focus soley on my Alpaca Ranch and give up the day job. I sell Alpacas and fleece. I use the fleece to make products that I sell. The proceeds from sales goes into maintaining my Ranch. Alpaca farming is quite popular in the state of California. You can find specialized tours that are specifically planned for you to explore the local alpaca farms in the area. If you're a newcomer, this can be just the experience you need before you invest in an alpaca farm. If you are a seasoned veteran in the area of alpaca farming, you may discover some valuable tips. You might also learn new ways of animal husbandry and how to maximize your alpaca. Alpaca Ranchers really love their enterprise of raising alpacas. You can find many places where you can further your knowledge and enjoy swapping stories with fellow alpaca farmers. Most of the people involved in alpaca farming feel that what they are doing is more than just a financial venture. They strongly believe that raising alpacas is an adventure that has added special meaning to their own life and that of their entire family. Alpacas from the finest pedigrees are also readily available in California. California alpacas have the plushest coats and command an excellent price for their fiber. In California, you will be able to find the most productive breeders from both species. You can discover the benefits of raising each species and then use your newly acquired information to decide which type of alpacas to raise. Alpaca farming is a very rewarding career with numerous financial and emotional benefits. If you are interested in getting started, visit a farm and learn all you can learn.

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