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We are a grass farmers on 92 acres, raising all natural grassfed lamb, goats, chickens, and eggs, all sold direct from the farm and at The Village Market in Gambier. We "retired" to farming to raise our own healthy food and have been delighted to find ourselves among the many who are seeking healthier lives through more nutritional local food, better stewardship of our land, and more humane treatment of our animals. We also volunteer our efforts for work to preserve farmland and to help educate local Kenyon College students about Sustainable Agriculture. We are members of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association and Innovative Farmers of Ohio, the Ohio Farmers Union, the Weston Price Foundation, and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. We are excited that our farm became officially part of the Ohio Farmland Preservation program in December 2011. By placing a permanent easement on our farm, it is designated to remain in agriculture in perpetuity. The Philander Chase Corp. is our Kenyon College partner, sponsor, and trustee for this program. In 2011, we added installed enough solar panels to run the entirefarm, so we now also enjoy Farming the Sun! "We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." (Haida Indian saying)

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