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Bitta-Blue is a small family-run farm in Killingworth, Connecticut. For over thirty years Susan Willis and her family have worked the farm organically to provide fresh vegetables available to our CSA members and registered French Alpine Dairy Goats offered for sale. Soil is where it all begins. At Bitta-Blue Farm we build and enrich the soil yearly with our own composted manure and hay. And we mulch to deter weeds, minimize water inputs, and promote soil health. Our farm follows the seasons. Fall plantings of garlic withstand winter's cold to emerge and grow in the spring. Early greens weather the uncertainties of April to be harvested in June. The summer crops - all those plump squashes, peppers and tomatoes - ripen with the hot days of July. While the cool weather brassicas anticipate the crisp days of fall. At Bitta-Blue Farm innovation is not at odds with tradition. We research seed catalogues to find lettuces that handle the heat. We experiment with new varieties like the Asian greens. And we work with seed saver networks to preserve regional and heirloom varieties. Bitta-Blue Farm began as a project to meet the nutritional needs of our vegetarian family. We added chickens and ducks for their bounteous eggs; then goats for their rich milk and creamy cheese. Honeybees will be this summer's new addition.

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