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Located in the Waukee area, we are a small CSA and market garden. Our CSA, called 'Real Food Weekly' offers fresh, natural, chemical-free produce every single week of the season. Find details and sign-up on our website! About Clarion Sage's Real 'Food Weekly' CSA: A convenient, ultra-local, and green option to help feed your family the healthiest of food. Side benefit? The healthiest food also tastes the best. And while it'd be great to get to the farmers' market every weekend, there are always games and practices that add to your already crowded schedule. So we'll bring all of this to you. Pick-up at our super-convenient location and check out the farm every week. We're a small farm space in the Waukee area and this is our version of a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. That little acronym is a fancy way of saying that we grow stuff for our local community. In this case, the Waukee community. Travel a lot? Not quite sure about committing to a CSA? Check out our 'New Market' option, which is kind of like a CSA punch-card.

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