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Beltane Farm is a small, farmstead and artisan cheese producer making a variety of fine goat milk cheeses. �Beltane� refers to the old May Day celebrations of northern Europe. Fresh cheeses and dairy products were enjoyed as an integral part of the celebrations welcoming a renewed milk supply from the successful kidding and lambing season of early spring. Our milk comes from our herd of Oberhasli and La Mancha and Saanen dairy goats known for their fine milk and gentle disposition. Our herd is milked twice daily at our farm in Lebanon, Connecticut. Our overall goal is to provide the best quality of life and health for our animals. Although not Certified Organic, the goats feed on local hay and forage as well as grain at milking. Our hay fields are not near any other crops and there is no use of pesticides in the area of the hay fields. There is no use of hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. All our cheeses are made with vegetable rennet. Our �Fresh Chevre� was awarded a blue ribbon in the American Cheese Society competitions in early 2000s under the name Highwater Dairy which is the name of our LLC. Seasonal Farm Tours every Sunday during the fall through December. Internships, mail-order. See our website.

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