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We are a 11th year CSA operating on the subscription model. Formerly cert. organic by NOFA Connecticut. No longer take part in gvt. organic programs. We are constantly improving our methods.We are a tenant farm leasing land from a local nature center and nearby farms. Share pick-ups run from June into December(weather permiting). We offer many classes and workshops throughout the year for adults and children. We also offer 1 year interships and 2 year apprentice programs. Childrens garden plots are available for local children, area school classes and therapeutic agencies. We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, 35 types of culinary, medicinal and tea herbs; as well as many varieties of cut flowers. We are still expanding our program of providing food for area needy as well as a growing horticultural therapy program. Our long term goals remain development of community and whole system sustainability in both agricultural and social areas in a cooperative non-competitive setting.In 2003 we began raising crops for seed.2004- we are adding a cut flower share.We now offer our members products from other area producers whose standards we find stringent enough for our support. We have use of new land which, if we can bring in enough support- physical, spiritual and financial, will allow us to produce enough for 200+ more needy families with more each year. If interested call or e-mail asap for the needs list. See sidebar. Thanks.

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