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After a decade of sharing farm space with family, we purchased a lovely small farm property onto which we moved our critters and our base of operations. It's been a process working on that property to build it into what we love! Our animals live generally on pasture or rotated between pasture, paddocks, and the winter sacrifice pen, and our poultry free-range or move in poultry tractor pens throughout our 10 acres, with a barn, and we add small man-made or natural shelters when needed. We also hire out the sheep to graze down invasive species and overgrown properties, as well as work with other local farmers to take the main sheep flock to graze down cornfields post-harvest which helps regenerate the soil from crop farming. We provide a healthy, appropriate diet which includes planting our own pastures with appropriate foraging materials, hay that we plant and bale ourselves, and any grain or minerals needed to ensure the animals thrive and lead happy lives on our farm. We purchase our feed rations through our local family feed store which sources feed from reputable feed companies. We do not use added artificial growth hormones, however if an animal is in need of veterinary care, that animal will not be denied antibiotics or other appropriate, effective medication. Our main pursuit are registered Katahdin Hair Sheep, a well-tempered breed with mild, flavorful meat. We take our sheep to national breeding stock sales, as well as sell meat and feeder lambs locally. In addition we raise a small number of cattle and pigs annually, and have a quite large flock of poultry - from chickens and ducks to geese and heritage turkeys and a couple stubborn guinea hens! We breed and sell some of these chickens, ducks, and turkeys as pets, and for 2020 we do plan to raise at least one set of broiler chickens and meat ducks and a small set of Thanksgiving turkeys. We process most of our animals through a local USDA processor and sell at local farmer's markets as well as off the farm via variety boxes and Market Wagon. We have done a farmshare model in the past but are not doing the farmshare in 2020; we may reconsider for 2021. We also sell for custom processing beef, pork, and lamb as whole, half, or quarters/eighths (quarters/eighths are beef only).

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