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Our family has been raising cattle in Arizona for over 135 years. We raise premium quality heritage breed Criollo Cattle in the central region of Arizona that are finished on grass alone. Criollo beef has exceptional flavor and tenderness yet is lower in total fat, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol than traditional breeds. For over 500 years, these cattle have been adapting and thriving in the arid climate of Mexico and its border regions including Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They eat significantly less than traditional beef cattle and require less water and can live on sparse open range found in their native area and on our ranch. The small, athletic framed cows, weigh around 750 pounds, and easily traverse the mountainous and desert landscapes of the Southwest, traveling long distances to search for water and grass. Their natural resistance to diseases of all types means that they require no antibiotics in their life cycle, resulting in a completely natural meat that is very lean and tender. They traverse our Arizona mountains and desert landscapes of the Southwest satisfying a hearty appetite for grass, broad leaf plants and brush. They utilize forage supplies in a way that sustains the environment and promotes healthy regrowth. Their ability to turn plants that would go unused into lean protein makes them one of the most effective tools available to enhance the landscape and provide a healthy food product to Americans. We are long admirers of their efficiency and productivity. We are dedicated to providing you and your family the finest beef available, that has been produced with the highest sense of responsibility and care for the land and cattle. Raising cattle in Arizona is what we have done for five generations. It is what we know and love to do and we take much pride in our job. Rest assured, our cattle and your meat is hand selected and handled with much care. Thank you for trusting us to provide food for your family. You can purchase our beef through our website or by calling us. We are happy to ship to your door within the state of Arizona. Several Arizona restaurants are also featuring our meat, visit our website for more information.

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