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This is not a farm. I have a 300 square foot backyard organic vegetable garden. I utilize space saving techniques to pack A LOT of veggies into this compact space. Send me an email to see what's growing and when there will be a harvest! 2013 Grow List Beans: Jade & Blue Lake Varieties Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield Carrot: Mokum (a Dutch variety ready for harvest in 54 days) Cucumber: West India Gherkin & Homemade Pickles) Eggplant: Slim Jim Fennel: Florence Lettuce: Misticanza Mesclun, Gabrielle, Buttercrunch Kale: Dwarf Blue Onions: Ailsa Craig (a British Heirloom) & Bianca Di Maggio (mild, sweet and flat-shaped) Spinach: Giant Noble Peppers: Habanero (hot) & King of the North (sweet bell) Tomatoes: Moneymaker, Kellogg's Breakfast, Pineapple, Brandywine, Gold Nugget, Mortgage Lifter, and Opalka Watermelon: Tom Watson (ready for harvest in 90 days) Basil: Italian large leaf Oregano: Greek Potatoes: Yukon Gold

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