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At Alpacas of Alagaesia, it is our goal to have and offer to you alpacas with elite fiber qualities, natural colors, strong conformation and health in addition to a "typey" look that you just want to hug! We want to stay small enough to be able to offer the best care to our animals and offer our best service to you as a client and friend. What does all of this mean for you??? **Any alpaca purchased from us is an exceptional value! As the market moves more and more towards the highest quality fleeces for end products, you can rest assured that your breeding alpacas from us are capable of keeping up with the market over the years to come. **Start-up farms can rest easy knowing we are just a phone call away for any questions they may have concerning their alpacas health, breeding, or care, as well as questions on business plans, marketing their new farm, farm layouts, etc! If we don't know an answer, we will find one out for you! **Maintaining a small herd means our alpacas get a lot of individual attention daily. This provides you with an alpaca that can be handled easily and most likely enjoys a good neck scratch or back rub in addition to those cherished paca-kisses! Other services we offer you are breedings to studs with elite qualities and bloodlines! We are currently offering a breeding package special in order to help with finances while keeping your breeding program moving forward. The more breedings in the package the more you save and we are even offering payments! Small farms get special treatment too (no offense to those larger farms!)! We are offering deep discounts for farms with 15 alpacas or less! As if that wasn't already a great value, we are sweetening the offer just a bit more by giving a female guarantee! Call Leann to see how much she can save you on your breedings today!

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