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Grass pastured Eggs are now available. This means that the hens are living on pasture, with grass and other vegetation and bugs for them to eat. This is a more natural life for them. They get moved EVERY DAY for fresh pasture. WE ALSO CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH FERTILE EGGS FOR HATCHING. In the future, we will have a variety of produce, which will vary through the season. We also plan for 2020 to have Grass Pastured Beef, Chevon, Pork, chicken and in the Fall, in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Pastured Heritage Turkeys & Geese.. We have Baby Chicks available most of the time. We will also have Baby Turkeys (Poults) in the spring & summer. They may be purchased as Just Hatched, Brooding completed, ready to lay or mature birds, as available. We have our own incubator, so if you have fertile eggs from your own healthy fowl, we can incubate them for a price per egg or a percentage of the hatchlings. You can join our email list residing within YAHOO Groups by going to We can then email you as produce becomes available.

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