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Branched Oak Farm - Certified Organic Dairy and Cheese

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Branched Oak Farm is located 16 miles from downtown Lincoln, NE. We farm on 240 acres and raise a growing herd of Jersey cows. We are certified organic and sell all of the food we grow on our farm locally to customers from our on-farm Inconvenience Store, farmers markets and local grocery stores. The cheeses we offer vary seasonally, but include: Quark, fresh Mozzarella, Camembert, Alpine varieties and Gouda. During the grass season, we rotate the cattle through the pasture to give them access to the best grass possible. Along with Management Intensive Rotational Grazing, we use other holistic management practices to encourage wildlife and natural biodiversity on our farm. We are Animal Welfare Approved, which means we provide high-quality care for our animals. Producing certified organic cheeses also ensures trace-ability that all the products with our label are produced by milk from animals here on the farm.

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