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Bit By Bit Farms is a small family farm/ranch located in rural NE Oregon. Our mission is to provide local beef, milk, poultry, and eggs. We make sure our livestock say "no to drugs"and our produce is raised without chemical fertilizers and additives. We offer pasture raised beef as mixed quarters, halves, or the entire animal. The beef is slaughtered on the farm and NEVER has to go through stress of a commercial slaughterhouse. Elsa, a Brown Swiss, and Tillie, a Jersey are the precious dairy team. Seasonally, we have raw milk for sale. We give the cows time off in the winter. We keep the calf with mom until weaned. Our poultry are pastured through all but very cold months of winter. We offer both chicken and duck eggs.Also seasonally, we have turkey poults available. If you wish to butcher your own, we can provide birds to you. Please call or email Sarah or Shirley for more information.

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