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We have a "herd share" program that we have operated since 2009 where you can purchase a share of our herd and we will board your cows for you, feed them, and milk them for you and you come to the farm to pick up your fresh raw milk. We consider ourselves as a co-op of healthy milk drinkers and encourage our herd share owners to be part of the full farm experience. Many herd share owners share rides with other members picking up each other's milk from the farm We milk in a new parlor built in 2008. The milk goes from the cows, into the pipeline where it is filtered, and then drops into a milk tank where it is cooled immediately to 34-36 degrees. Your milk never sees daylight until you tap the tank and fill your jars. Our herd consists mainly of jerseys and are grass fed throughout the summer months. We grow our own open-pollinated non GMO corn for silage and grain, and our own hay for the winter months. We also grow non-GMO soybeans, rye, oats, barley, sorghum/sudan grass and new for us this year we are growing flax seed to be fed to our cows which will make our milk have more Omega 3.

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