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We raise our chicks in a brooder until they are ready to be put in the portable chicken tractor where they are then moved daily to forage fresh pasture. They are humanely raised and not given any growth hormones. Husband, wife, and grandma team slaughter and process the chickens at about eight - ten weeks old. Currently we offer Cornish Cross Broilers and Freedom Rangers. We are offering fresh broilers monthly, shrink-wrapped in BPA-free plastic; suggested that you freeze six days after packing date. The fresh chickens range from 4-8 pounds. They are being sold for $4.00 a pound. We have now added fresh Sour Dough Bread for sale for $4.00 a loaf. We take orders and bake bread twice a week. We also offer boneless breasts, leg quarters, chicken feet, hearts, livers and stock chicken for soups and broth.

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