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We believe in your freedom of food choice, your right to make that choice independently, for yourself without interference. A note from the founder: "Most food laws in the US today have nothing to do with food safety, and more to do with control of the market access, and that becomes clear and present when you pay attention to all the recalls that have come out of federally inspected food processing facilities, with Tyson chicken recently having to recall 12 million pounds of chicken. That's risky. What if you had gone to the supermarket, bought that chicken and fed it to your kids? 12 million pounds of food recalled is a big mistake and that's not Tysons only recall so far this year. This is serious stuff and the dear people who have lost their children to food they bought in the supermarket know it far better than any of us. Anything that has the ability to risk my health and life, or my families health and life, should be my choice to make without the government's consent. I ask of something not unreasonable, I ask for you and every other American to grant me the simple ability to freely choose the food I eat and the ability to freely choose where it comes from, without government oversight and interference. I don't wish for the USDA to be abolished, I reasonably and politely ask that I, and everyone who wishes too, can opt-out of the USDA's "protection of the public" and exercise what I would confidently call the most basic and uncomplicated human right, freedom of food choice" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We raise animals and plants without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics. We have all our animals based around a grass-fed diet with our dairy cows, beef and veal being 100% grass-fed, we believe cows were meant to eat grass and grass only, not corn or chicken manure like many producers still feed today. We sell: Pastured poultry 100% grass-fed raw milk and dairy products Salad bar beef Maple syrup Milk-fed pork Pastured eggs Canned goods Baked goods We are constantly adding more and taking suggestions! We are a private membership association focused on growing healthy and wholesome foods in Bradford County, PA for our private members. Learn how to become a private member by signing up at

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