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We are a small family farm in Hillsboro, VA, not far from historic Harpers Ferry, WV, and nestled next to a mountain amongst the wineries of Western Loudoun County, VA. We raise Freedom Ranger Chickens, Turkey, and Pork on things like sunlight, grass, clean water, bugs, and Non-Genetically Modified premium feeds by Hiland Naturals. We enjoy getting to know our community, and providing families with good, old fashioned real food - the way God intended! Our products are offered seasonally, with reduced bulk pricing for families to fill their freezers. Our goal is not just to grow food, but to actually grow freedom! From bringing community together, to breaking dependencies upon industrial food systems, Dawson Gap Farm desires to be beacon of light for the cause of Freedom. For those who want to grow their own food, we teach people how to raise and process their own chicken, and have a plucker available for rent. We also support the local food movement as a distributer of premium, all-natural, non-gmo feed for the region by Hiland Naturals and Chaffhaye. For those who are unable to raise their own food, we partner with them to raise fresh, local, nutrient dense foods to nourish families who are looking to be free from the inferior nutrition, and corporate controlled choices found in supermarkets. We encourage everyone, in their own small way, to take their own steps towards liberty, independence, love for their neighbor, and to experience the taste of Freedom! Please ask about our email newsletter. Sales are on farm by appointment.

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