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We grow our food in a natural "nutrient rich" way. Our Mission is to promote Simple Living and Higher Thinking. A Vegetarian lifestyle not only for physical health and happiness, but for Spiritual health and happiness. It is not just what we keep out of the crops but also what nutrients we put in the soil. We are full time farmers committed to sustainable/organic agriculture.. We use mostly heirloom, organic seeds. We also save our own seeds. We use limited tiller and hand dug beds. We do not use chemical based fertilizers or insecticides on our crops. We focus on growing our soil and the soil will take care of the crops. This soil food web is most important. Hopefully next year we will start our CSA program. We have done apprentice work at three CSA farms in the past three years and are ready to start our own. We are also in the process of getting our "Certified Naturally Grown" Certification.

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