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Our Story Established in 2013, Bright Family Farms is committed to bringing you wholesome food raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. We are small, but growing every year with your support! The farm is run by my husband and myself, it's a lot of work, but a lot of fun! We raise heritage breed Icelandic sheep, an animal unchanged since the Vikings first brought them to Iceland nearly 1000 years ago. Known as a true triple-purpose breed, they are great for fiber, meat and milk. If you felt, spin, knit or crochet Icelandic fleece is sure to be a treat! Raw fleeces will be for sale in the Spring and Fall, along with roving and finished yarn. Freezer lambs will be for sale in the Fall, along with luxurious sheep-skin rugs in an assortment of colors. Soap made from fresh sheep milk is also available in a variety of scents, rich and nourishing, milk soap in great for any skin. Along with sheep, we raise New Zealand cross meat rabbits. Rabbit is among the healthiest meat available, low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein. Rabbits are also environmentally sound, using far less resources than cattle or pigs. We also have Black Australorp chickens and Khaki Campbell ducks that provide us with rich eggs and meat. If you've never baked with duck eggs, you've been missing out on richer, denser desserts sure to please anyone! Duck eggs are also great for people sensitive or allergic to normal chicken eggs. Interested in a farm tour, email or text us and we would love to show you around! Our animals are friendly so kids are welcome to come as well. Farming Philosophy We are working towards becoming as close to 100% pasture fed for all our sheep and rabbits as possible. Our sheep graze the fields and forest during the spring, summer and fall using movable fencing. During the winter they are fed locally grown hay. The rabbits are fed a high quality feed and trimmings from the pasture and garden, although we hoping to cut pellets out of their diet in the coming years. Our poultry are fed a layer ration that provides all the calcium they need to produce high quality eggs, along with all the insects they can catch. All our livestock feed comes from a local feed mill. Although we try our best to keep all our livestock healthy, accidents and illnesses to happen. If it becomes necessary to use medication to save the life of an animal, we will administer antibiotics or other medicine. Prices Fresh Brown Chicken Eggs: $2.50/dozen Fresh Duck Eggs: $5.00/dozen Chicks: $5.00/bird Ducklings: $5.00/bird Multiple Discounts Available Raw Fleece: Adult - $1.00/oz, Lamb - $2.00/oz Roving: Adult - $4.00/oz, Lamb - $6.00/oz Soap: $1.00/oz, one bar usually weights between 4-6oz. All livestock intended for consumption is sold live, we would be happy to show you how to butcher your chicken or rabbit for free. Or we can connect you with local businesses that will butcher, cut and package your animal for you. Delivery to your butcher of choice is available for a small fee. Roasting Chickens: $10/bird Stewing Hens (limited availability): $7.00/bird Rabbit: $10/rabbit Lamb, 60-80lb live weight (limited availability): $200

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