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We are a small family run farm focused on sustainability and the health of our animals located in Amity, Oregon. We raise meat rabbits that are pasture raised after weaning. Adult rabbits are given turn out as weather permits and regularly given fresh greens or farm grown barley fodder. Fresh eggs and whole chicken from our pastured and non GMO supplemented birds are available year round. All chicks are kept in a brooder until feathered out and then pastured. Birds are processed at an ODA certified facility. Our layers are primarily Aracaunas and Delawares but we also have a flock of "the girls" a mix of hens who lay great eggs. So we have a colorful blend of dark brown, light brown, blue, green and almost pink shelled eggs. We currently produce small batch, hand made and primarily goat milk soaps. Our Kinder goats are pastured and milking does supplemented with grain. If you are interested in seeing just where you food comes from, we are available for farm tours by appointment.

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