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I raise Icelandic Sheep, I've been asked many times why this breed or even why sheep, I'm a one woman operation and handling sheep makes it possible for me to have and take care of my critters. Every spring I have a minimum of 5 to 10 lambs for sale. My Sheep are raised in a humane and loving environment, I name all of them and treat them with respect and kindness. Chemicals, Hormones and pesticides are not used, the pasture is free from fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals making it a safe and healthy place for the sheep, dogs and all those who walk, play and inhabit it. Icelandic sheep are a very versatile breed their wool in its natural state is so alive and vibrant: Their personalities make them a joy to share this ranch with. Crossroads Ranch does not use hormones, pesticides or commercial fertilizers. Their wool is wonderful to knit with particularly when I scratch Mr Frodo's ears and see his deep chocolate brown wool and know that inside on my needles is a scarf waiting to be finished for a good friend that came from him. I share my life with two wonderful Heelers, Arlo and Sage, their job is to put the sheep to bed and they are superb at their job. Included in this life we share is Molly an Akbash who takes her job of Guarding her flock very seriously. I welcome visitors and if your looking for a skein of yarn I always have some on hand, please call before visiting. since posting this I've become a part of the British Soay Sheep Community, and what a joy, no shearing, small in stature but mighty in spirit, they are direct descendants of the sheep who inhabit the Isle of St. Kilda, little feet easy to handle and the colors are tail docking. Along with the new addition comes some wonderfully funny ducks, I have a variety and they are a part of the American Livestock Rare Breeds listing of ducks. These animals are an integral part of my life, they make my world a world filled with peace and always a smile, come by and see them you can't help but marvel and the joy of these characters. I

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