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On the shores of Lake of the Woods,Minnesota, Barking Walleye Bait grows the "Northern" native nightcrawler for bait. These extra huge nightcrawlers produce castings. These Castings from all worms are nature's by-product when worms eat, process, and replenish the soil with natural nutrients. Let's face it-what we are talking about is their poo. It's truly nature's way of replenishing the soil. Kissed by the northern lights, these castings are 5 times higher in Nitrogen, 7 times higher in Phosphorus and 11 times higher in Potassium than other soils. 5 Times more Nitrogen in your soil will affect the part of the plant that is above the ground, especially the green leafy sections . Correct levels of nitrogen will promote healthy, green foliage. Therefore, you will find that vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, as well as lawns have high nitrogen requirements. Nitrogen is one of the most difficult nutrients to maintain innyour garden as it is easily washed away by water. The nitrogen level in your soil can deplete quickly. It is especially important to renew the nitrogen source in your garden. 7 Times more Phosphorus in soil is essential for strong root formation and root system devel- opment. Phosphorus also contributes to quicker flower and fruit production by helping to protect the plant against disease and poor weather conditions 11 Times More Potassium is responsible for seed formation and germination in flowers, fruits,or vegetables. Obtaining maximum vegetable, flower, or fruit formation requires correct or high levels of potassium. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and beets thrive in high levels of potassium. Potassium is also needed for sugar formation in fruits and vegetables. Sufficient levels of potassium in your garden will produce better-tasting fruits and vegetables. This is a totally organic, natural fertilizer. It will not burn like chemicals. The use of phosphates is being banned all across the country. Organic fertilizers are the way to replenish these necessary nutrients and micro-organmisms. We are located in northern-most Minnesota on the Canadian border. We are literally a small Mom (a Master Gardener) & Pop (an avid fisherman, and Charter Boat Captain on Lake of the Woods) company. We raise millions of night crawlers for bait. We use and market their poo because it is the best fertilizer for the pristine land we live in and for all yards, gardens, and potted plants. "Crawler Poo" comes in 2lb bags-larger quantities by request. "Crawler Poo" also come in a convenient Compost Tea Bag for use in watering cans. Mail-order, or e-mail request.

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