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Welcome to Fox Hollow Farm located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Sharing our love of farming with our neighbors and guests here at Fox Hollow is our passion. We strive daily to create a peaceful and harmonious environment that our friends, animals and plants can thrive in. Our farm is completely natural. We are not organic but we do not feed our animals growth hormones or feeds that are supplemented in any way. We love our animals so that when they are sick we do treat them but in the least invasive way possible. Vegetables and fruits grown on our farm are treated the same way. We create a healthy soil that the plants can thrive in without using pesticides. Our long term goal is to create a farm where you can visit us and our animals and where you will have the opportunity to purchase fresh-from-the-farm healthy and tasty things to eat. The animals we raise here on the farm are Southdown Sheep, Boer Goats, Buff Orphington Chickens & Duroc Pigs. We raise our pigs,goats and sheep in large fields that allows them to roam free without being confined in small pens and are chickens have a diet of veggies and other healthy things. Here at Fox Hollow Farm we have a year round farm store, open 5 days a week where we have many things for sale. We sell assorted meats, cheeses, eggs, broilers and so many other items. We are also lucky enough to have other farm that show their items in the market also. We hope to see you soon, Your friends here at Fox Hollow Farm

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