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GRASS FED BEEF AS IT SHOULD BE, TASTE THE DIFFERENCE that comes from WORKING WITH NATURE: ~ With 3 generations of ranching, we bring you grass fed beef with genuine flavor. You have not tried grass fed until you try Canyon Meadows Ranch beef! ~ At Canyon Meadows Ranch we work with nature to bring our customers the most flavorful, consistent grass fed beef possible. Using rotational grazing methods allow us to do this by timing our grazing and resting periods which in turn builds the soil. Our methods produce happy, healthy cows as well as providing ample space & habitat for wildlife. ~ We are 3rd party verified for source, age, natural and grass fed beef. We are also an American Grassfed certified member. Canyon Meadows Ranch Beef is Good for the Earth, Good for the Cattle and Wildlife, Good for You and to top it off has delicious flavor!

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