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Aeroponically Grown Vegetables, Produce, and Herbs grown in a climate controlled Greenhouse to produce the freshest, tastiest, & healthiest vegetables, pesticide & herbicide free. No seasonal worries with continual harvesting every 25 - 45 days depending on the crop. Veteran Owned and Operated. Our Mission is to provide a means to have pesticide and herbicide free Aeroponically grown vegetables, produce and herbs that are locally grown and sold to our local communities. A portion of our proceeds will go to groups in need to assist in supporting a healthier lifestyle and give back to those less fortunate than others. We will provide an educational facility, a place for anyone interested in learning proven ways to produce healthy food that is safe for our bodies and the environment. Our company will use every means necessary to be an "Eco-Friendly" and "Green" grower. Gardens On Air will utilize the latest in sustainable and renewable technology to be self supportive, such as Solar, Wind, & Bio-Mass energy production, that not only will provide all of our own energy needs, but the extra energy will be placed back on the power grid to be used by those that choose green energy on their power bill. We will use composting and solar to heat our water, make our own organic fertilizer and provide organic plugs for our new crops as well as potting soil to provide the community a way to take potted plants home with them or for their own gardens. Finally, what we use to grow our plants is an environmentally controlled greenhouse, an eco-friendly, closed loop aeroponic system that is 99% water efficient (with the other 1% being absorbed by the plants) thereby resulting in drastically less water usage and faster growth with the plants only absorbing what they need - no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used. UV treated rain-water will provide more water than we can use. Weather and seasons are not an issue for us, as we grow 12 months a year. We will use any and all techniques available to reduce the "Carbon Footprint" made by our company and to preserve and benefit our environment. We will be a Green Company and set the commercial industry standard for eco-friendliness as well as year-round availability of aeroponic organic vegetables and produce for you, the local restaurant, schools, hospitals and everyone. Eating healthy means being healthy! We, at Gardens On Air will always strive to provide the freshest and highest quality organic produce, vegetables, and herbs. It is our intent to give you a safe, healthy, and delicious product that will allow you to enjoy food once again....without fear of what you are eating. Many Blessings to each of you....... Our Family at Gardens On Air, LLC Buy Alabama!! Buy Local & Support your community.

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