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At Bolser Family Farms we raise our beef using an all natural method, our beef is put out on pasture grass lots until, the end of summer when they are provided a barn and about an acre pen per 15 head of beef. They are fed a balanced diet of clover hay (grown on our farm) and ground ear corn (grown on our farm). After the beef are ready to be processed we take the beef to a locally owned and operated processing plant and have them cut the meat to the customers specifications, then we in most cases will deliver the beef anywhere around Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus for a small delivery fee. We also raise pork in the same manner they are fed ground corn and put in large pens so that they can always be outdoors and in the bright sunlight. All of our animals are never given any growth enhancers or medication, if the animals become ill they leave our farm as soon as possible.

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