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Creekwater Farm is a family run farm with cashmere yarn, roving, and goats for sale. Located just outside the town of Pembroke in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia, we raise cashmere goats, selectively breeding for the finest cashmere fiber and the healthiest goats. We are a no-kill farm, selling as pets or brushgoats any goat that does not produce quality cashmere, and simply not breeding those goats that are not the absolute best. All our goats are combed in the spring to remove the cashmere that is being shed naturally at that time. The fiber is sent to a mill to be processed into yarn and roving which we offer for sale. Update 3/30/2012: We have no more brush quality goats for sale. All our current goats are excellent cashmere producers and breeding stock. We now have cashmere roving for sale at $25/ounce.

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