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Black Cat Acres is now the Iowa distributor of Cowsmo Compost and potting soils. This is the good stuff, a dairy based product that insures it is chemical and weed free.It is produced in South West Wisconsin. We have added a 3rd high tunnel and one that we can move for better soil management. Our 1st high tunnel is putting out good spinach and we have started a lot of tomatoes as a 2nd crop in the tunnel. We did get our Organic Certification for our garlic. Lots of paper work and a close inspection, but we made it!! As our weather is changing for the more uncertain (thank you global warming) we will have some of our tomatoes in the tunnel. Last year the drought made the tomatoes split when it did rain. Poor things didn't know how to deal with feast and famine. Many of the fruits split when they had more water then they were used to. We have wooded areas and the rest is grass - pasture. We have about 3 acres cultivated and about 1 acre with food items planted. We have planted over an acre and a half in Aronia which will take a few years to go on line. Several restaurants and stores are interested in this fruit. We will use cover crops and manure to maintain soil fertility. We have friends with horses and raise a small amount of geese and chickens. Of course their byproducts go into the soil. One small hop tunnel will give produce early in spring and a few weeks into the fall/winter. All produce and poultry will be natural raised with the same restrictions as organic, but we are concentrating on food nutrition and will be more aware of mico-nutrients for the plants, more so then Dole type organic. Permaculture principals will be kept in mind while planning and raising food for ourselves and our local area.

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