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Our goal at Gila Farm and Garden is to encourage others to grow their own food in such a way as to sustain and improve their small piece of the earth. We do this through demonstration of efficient and enjoyable gardening and farming methods. We provide reasonably priced nursery and farm products to support the small farmer. We grow all our flowers and vegetables using organic methods in raised beds and cold frames using drip irrigation. We use herbs and flowers to attract beneficial insects, and employ chickens and goats for nutrient recycling. Gophers are trapped and used to support raptor recovery. Our animals are raised on our pasture or nearby leased pastures, no pesticides are used in our operations or on the lands that we lease. Some of the items we bring to the market include garden plants, fresh farm eggs, stone ground organic raw almond butter, free range poultry and meat . We would love to meet you at the Silver City Farmers Market! Wendel and Cecilia Gila Farm and Garden

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